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A Scarf for my Sister

December 21, 2008



This is a Christmas gift for my sister. I made it using the lovely Bluefaced Leciester wool I bought in Hay. The wool was a joy to work with – lovely and soft with a gentle sheen. However, of all the things I have made for christmas, this was by the far the most labour intensive – it has taken me ages. This wasn’t due to the pattern though, which is really very simple – no the problem was that I managed to get my yarn into a big fat tangle and so for every couple of rows I crocheted, I had to spend 20 minutes or so untangling the wool. Agh! I only have myself to blame – I wanted to get started straight away and decided not to bother winding my skeins into balls. ‘I’ll be careful not to tangle it’ I thought. What a fool. Needless to say I have learnt my lesson and have requested a nostepinne for christmas, to help wind all future skeins into balls! 


Anyhow, tangles aside, I am really pleased with how this turned out. It’s the first thing I’ve blocked and, although it took me a while to do (as I had to block in sections due to not having anywhere large enough to lie the whole scarf out) I was very impressed with how the blocking process transformed the drape of the fabric. It also added a couple of extra inches.


So, that’s my christmas gift for my sister and, as christmas gift for any crochet fans out there, I have posted the pattern here. Enjoy!

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  1. dowhatyoulove permalink
    December 22, 2008 3:55 am

    Very nice gift, and well worth the time! I bet she will love it. Its very elegant looking!

  2. December 24, 2008 9:51 am

    thank you – I must confess, I get quite nervous giving people handmade things sometimes – I really want her to like it……

  3. December 24, 2008 11:22 am

    This scarf is gorgeous! You have nothing to worry about at all Kitty, nothing!

    She’ll be chuffed to bits at the fact you’ve made it yourself too – it’s priceless.

    I’ve suffered at the hands of a rogue skein too. It makes me feel a kind of rage I’ve never experienced before!!

    Hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow Kitty and I wish for the three of you to have a peaceful year, with all the happiness that brings,

  4. thegardensmallholder permalink
    December 24, 2008 11:44 am

    Beautiful scarf! I love the pattern and the colour, im sure your sister will be thrilled with it. Merry Christmas xx

  5. December 24, 2008 2:54 pm

    so pretty! I have learned that same lesson about yarn winding the hard way. The scarf was worth the effort.

  6. December 24, 2008 8:47 pm

    oh my, if I could knit somethig like this I would be over the moon. The pattern is gorgeous, simple but gorgeous. I can’t believe all the knitting insiration that’s ciming my way just now!

  7. December 24, 2008 9:35 pm

    Thanks so much everyone – I guess I’ll find out if she likes it or not fairly soon! Have a wonderful christmas all!

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