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A bit more variety…

October 23, 2008

I know Apple Day has been and gone but I still have a couple of apple-related posts that I’d like to share with you. First off, a trip to the farmers market today enabled me to try a couple more apple varieties:

Herefordshire Russet

I do tend to be biased towards things associated with Herefordshire, but that aside, these are lovely apples. Much more juicy than the Egremont Russet and without the slight bitterness to the skin. A lovely, fresh tasting apple with just the right balance between sweet and sharp. Similar in taste to a cox but, in my opinion, even nicer. Highly recommended!


(sorry no pic for this one – I scoffed them all before they had chance to be snapped)

This has been one of my favourite apple varieties for a while now. I was introduced to it at the Big Apple a few years back and was bowled over by it’s flavour. Since then, whenever I see them on sale, I snap them up. The flavour is a little sweeter than I usually like, but there’s still enough ‘tang’ to keep me satisfied! I imagine the sweetness would make them popular with children. My baby certainly seems keen on them.

For more on apple varieties, please see my previous post – and, yes, I do think I’m in danger of developing a bit of an apple ‘habit’. I must eat at least 4 of the things every day….. still, I guess there are worse things to be addicted to! 

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