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Yurt holiday

August 8, 2008

It was nearly 2 years ago that we stayed in a yurt at South Penquite Farm on Bodmin Moor, but I still think fondly of it. After our holiday we entertained the notion of buying a small piece of land and living more-or-less permanently in a yurt. But then I became pregnant and our priorities changed somewhat. That’s not to say it would be impossible to raise children in a yurt but it would be difficult and having a young baby made me want stability rather than a challenge plus plenty of hot running water! 

Yurts are beautiful in their simplicity. When you’re inside, you don’t feel cut of from the outdoors. You feel part of it. You can hear the wind and the patter of the rain, you can hear owls and other nocturnal creatures and you can see the stars through the central overhead wheel. 

There are now many places in the UK and overseas offering yurt holidays (just google yurt holidays and you’ll see what I mean!). I hope to try out many more of them over the next few years but I can wholeheartedly recommend the yurts at South Penquite Farm if you fancy a holiday with a difference – and one that’s environmentally friendly too! The yurts were very well-equipped, incredibly cosy and comfortable (especially when the wood-burner was going) and the solar-powered showers nearby were great! The location of the farm was great for exploring Bodmin Moor and further afield too. We visited the Eden Project, the Tamar Otter Sanctuary, Tintagel Castle and the absolutely stunning Golitha Falls. All wonderful, inspiring places.

Oh dear, writing this has made me desperately want to go back!

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  1. June 10, 2010 11:02 am

    Thanks for your blog on your yurt holiday experience. Have you managed to try out any more?

  2. March 8, 2011 4:41 am

    Wished there were pictures of the yurts you visited. It is indeed a nice experience living in a yurt. Helps you get back with Mother Nature.

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